About Us

About Freezylist

At FREEZYLIST, our passion is creating solutions that promote our values beyond our organization!

Our value proposition is derived from the foundation of “FREE” (Free-zylist), which is commonly interpreted in a financial sense; however, the most significant distinction is the freedom of choice and the ability to control one’s own path.

In alignment to this ideology, we provide our members solutions for Sale, Rent, Vacation and Timeshare property transactions.

Our vision

Create an economic shift in how real property is exchanged.

We envision a reality in which property owners are free to choose true alternatives to hiring a Realtor.

We devise an existence where real property transactions are demystied by embracing information sharing and integrated technology.

We imagine an economy where individuals are able to influence healthy market competition.

We crave a future where a household is able to sell their “at risk” (Marginal Equity/Underwater) property without retaining their mortgage to pay a commission.

Support & Collaboration

The function of a Realtor is to deliver a "Ready and Willing Buyer." As agents are specialists in marketing real property, they must rely on the support of their network to facilitate the closing process.

Our services re-create the Realtor Network model, with Home Owners at the center. We provide a marketing interface, a service provider framework, a network of peers and neighbors, scheduling tools, communication channels, and an integrated solution that can prepare your contracts and facilitate the signing process.

Further, Exclusive Listing Agreements allow simultaneously listing "By Owner" and with a broker. We challenge Home Owners to leverage this opportunity to strengthen agent performance and potentially avoid a large commission.